Battle of the Bunnies

They started it.  Not my younger brother and his friends, but the bunnies.  I have been battling the bunnies in my backyard over my garden.  I say battling in the most humane way possible.  One day I went to check on my newly planted garden and there was less green than the day before.  That’s not normally how gardens work, usually they get more green.  But the bunnies had been eating my leaves.  They had particularly hit one of my two elderberry bushes and my sweet potato plants.


I put a cage that the bunnies can’t get through around the elderberry but I didn’t have a cage big enough for all six of my sweet potatoes.

My solution was threefold, first I put out hair clippings from the hero cutting his hair, me cleaning my hairbrush and the pavlovinator shedding her winter coat.  Then it rained.  The idea behind this is that the bunnies would smell a predator around and not want to come near.  So the rain washes away the smell and the effectiveness.  I don’t have that much hair cycling through my house so I also put down chili powder.  Basically the bunnies don’t like the smell and boy can you smell it.  My eyes got watery just standing over it.  This also will get washed away by the rain but my third solution is a bit more permanent.

A fence.  Now the word fence might conjure images of sturdy chain link or uniform white pickets.  Probably not this:

 DSCN7271 DSCN7269DSCN7270

But I had to use what we had and what we had was some chicken wire, a few cages, a length of lattice, and a few cinder blocks.  I started our fence with the chicken wire and cages but the hero finished it, enclosing all the plants.  I’m pretty sure all the plants have recovered fully and are doing great. (and that I need to weed them, but it’s hard getting into that fence!)


We’ve also been mowing the lawn around clover patches to try to distract the bunnies.  Hopefully they want to eat the clover rather than my sweet potatoes!


PS the newspaper on the ground is not litter, it is held down by rocks to help smother the oh so invasive grass that I’m sure the previous owner of our house tried feverishly to cultivate.


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