My Baby

Alright, I’ve decided to post a picture of my baby.  She has just grown so much and is so healthy and perky, I want the world to see.  No, this is not a photo of the minion, or the pavlovinator.  Not my human or animal baby, but my plant baby.  The one tomato plant that I raised from seed.

I started tomato seed indoors in February this year.  I started with 6 different newspaper pots with three or four seeds in each one, I watered them daily and set them outside during the warm enough days.  I delicately helped a couple of stuck plants out of their seed jackets.  I felt a swell of pride when they started growing real leaves and lost their proto-leaves.  By the time it was warm enough to put them out there was one viable plant in each of 5 pots.

I planted them in the freshly tilled ground next to a couple of store-bought plants.


That green plant, that’s store-bought.  The plants I raised are in the row with it, but you can’t see them in this picture.

So I planted my garden around the 5 plants and over time being exposed to the elements 3 of them withered away.  Well I still had two that looked like they would make it.  I was nervous about rabbits and deer.  Crows I did not think of.  I came back to the garden one day to see scratched earth where one of my two remaining plants had been.  I’m pretty sure one of the crows we’ve seen flying around was searching for bugs to eat.  So I am down to one.  I had almost given up hope, but here she is, growing along strongly.  Hopefully she’ll be big enough to make me some tomatoes soon!


Ain’t she pretty?

PS As I have said before, the newspaper is weed control not litter.  My garden isn’t that bad!

PPS I don’t normally give my plants a sex except for kiwi or something that actually does have a sex, I just decided this tomato is a female so I could do the gag at the beginning of this post about me putting ‘her’ picture online.


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