Simplifying the Shower

Before the minion was born, when I was still pregnant, the hero, the pavlovinator, and I lived in an apartment in the city.  The apartment building was built in the 1940s and it had it’s quirks.  One of them was the plumbing.

Early when we moved in, the pavlovinator started refusing to drink tap water and whining around her water bowl.  We didn’t know why, but we decided to try getting a filter for the tap and that seemed to make it all better.  She went back to drinking plenty of water and stopped whining.  So the rest of the time we lived in that apartment, we either used tap filters or bought bottled water.  I know, horrible for the environment, but we thought it was preferable to lead poisoning or something.  We bought the 2.5 gallon ones and recycled the bottles at least.

Anyways, anytime after it rained, our tub/shower water ran brown.  It was probably just mud, and we weren’t drinking it so we weren’t too worried, so we stilled used it.  I quite enjoy taking long baths to relax.  I take showers to get clean, but baths to relax.  There’s something not terribly appealing about steeping in mud brown water though.  So I would cover it up.  I had all sorts of bubble baths and bath milks, even some of those tablets that color the water for little kids.  All of this stuff, along with shampoo, conditioner, body wash, face wash, shaving gel, and scrubbers lived in a corner shelf in the shower.  This was all before we learned about harmful chemicals in personal products.

After I learned more about the harmful chemicals, endocrine disruptors, and phalates, I got rid of a lot of these products, but there were still some scrubbers and a few assorted bottles of things I didn’t use anymore in the shelf.  So when we moved to our house I decided to simplify.  Now our shower has three things in it.

  • Castile soap
  • Nature’s Gate Shampoo
  • A Safety Razor

That’s all we need now.  I know a lot of people can use castile soap as a shampoo and I tried but I have long and thick hair and it stayed greasy even after the recommended ‘adjustment period’ for my hair to get used to not being stripped of it’s natural oils.  So I buy shampoo again.  I don’t use much and don’t wash my hair everyday so I’ve had the same small bottle for almost a year.  Here’s a quick list of things we do use castile soap for.

We also switched to a safety razor, one of those old metal razors that just take a double edge razor blade.  I tried to find any information about the ‘moisturizer strips’ that are on ALL plastic razor blades.  I assume there are harmful chemicals in them, but I couldn’t find out for sure.  So I decided I wanted a metal safety razor. I absolutely love it.  I’ll go into more detail in a future post.


So that’s it, we simplified our shower.  Now we just have to keep all the minion’s bath toys to a minimum.


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