My Willow is Making Me Weep

Alright, it’s a corkscrew willow, not a weeping willow, but I’m still sad.  They’re very closely related anyways.  When the hero and I got married we had beautiful flowers of red roses, green limes, and corkscrew willow branches.

Much thanks to Jaki Hawthorne Photography (now Studio Jaki) for our photos and Flowerland in Athens, GA for the floral arrangement.


The first photo has the arrangement with the corkscrew branches and the second photo is my bouquet which has nothing to do with this post, I just wanted to reminisce.  Anyways, the florist told us we could take the willow branches and plant them.  At the time we were living in an apartment so we had nowhere to plant them.  My dad took them and kept them in a pot until we bought our house.  Then we tried to transplant them into our yard.  It seemed to go smoothly, it was growing wonderfully for a few months.  Then all of a sudden, I checked on it and it was turning brown and hanging limply.

DSCN7308 DSCN7477

I have no idea what happened.  My dad suggested that maybe it needed more water so I gave it a healthy drink yesterday, and it rained 2.5 inches today.  Maybe it will recover.  I hope so.

When we planted it, my mom told us, only half jokingly, that if the willow dies, it doesn’t mean our marriage will too.  I know that’s true, but it still would be great if I can save it.  The willow, not the marriage!  The marriage is doing just fine thank you very much.

Anyone have any idea what I can do?


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