Chickens Come Before Eggs

My dad has been trying to keep chickens.  He has a chicken tractor that they stay in at night, but they are let out during the day.


Last year he had 6 and this year he got 4 more.  They were all gotten by either a fox, stray cat, or car.  The hero knew he was wanting to get more and while on his way to work he saw a yard sale that was selling chickens.  So my dad bought 2 hens for $5 each and got two eggs the day he bought them.  They are a bit more ‘gamey’ breed than he has had before so he hopes that they will be better at defending themselves.


It’s been about a week since he got them and so far they have been doing great and at least one of them lays an egg each day.  He hasn’t let them out during the day yet so they haven’t had to survive in the wild yet.  Hopefully   they will do fine.  Especially because we get their extra eggs!



One thought on “Chickens Come Before Eggs

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