Athens Farmer’s Market Scores

So it’s still fairly early in the farmer’s market season, there’s only a few things that are ready for harvest right now.  But we went to the Athens Farmer’s Market and got some yummy stuff.  It was packed with people both selling and buying.  We even ran into a friend of the minion and his parents there.  There was a stall selling plants and they had some Habanero and other hot peppers, but no ghost pepper.  He said they used to sell them but there wasn’t enough demand.  He also gave us his card and said to contact their farm and they might be able to grow them for us in the future.  The hero has been looking for ghost pepper plants for a while now, he really wants to grow the hottest pepper in the world.

What we did find there were some carrots, ruby chard, and a loaf of seeded bread.


We ate some of the bread on the way home and I had some of the chard in a smoothie.  So far everything has been great.

When we got home we checked on our own garden and finally harvested a few of our cayenne peppers.  They’re still green, but we’re excited about growing our own food and we wanted to encourage the plant to make more.  The hero chopped one up and put it in leftover chili he was having for lunch.  The minion and I tried a tiny bite of them, but they weren’t hot at all.  The minion spit her piece out.



3 thoughts on “Athens Farmer’s Market Scores

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