Sunbutter Attempt

Today, I tried to make sunflower seed butter, otherwise known as sunbutter.  It was interesting…tasty but interesting.  The basic recipe was supposed to be to put sunflower seeds in a food processor and blend them for about 10 minutes.  The natural oils would release and it would make nut butter.  You could add flavorings, such as sweeteners or salt, but they were optional.

I didn’t have a food processor, so I used my blender.  First the sunflower seeds turn to a powder.  That went just as the recipe had said it would.


I kept blending and the oils started to release and the butter started to form into more of a paste.  Also according to the recipe.


Then the recipe said it was supposed to congeal more and have the same consistency of store-bought peanut butter.  Yea, not so much.  I kept trying and trying, blending and blending, cleaning the blade and cleaning the blade.  No change.  Finally I gave up and tried adding olive oil.  Still nothing.  I ended up adding a little agave nectar and a pinch of salt and calling it done.  The texture left something to be desired, but the taste was great.  Especially on some of the seeded bread we got from the farmer’s market a few days ago.  Give it a go and tell us in the comments your experience.



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