Baby-Led Weaning

Since I just did a post about the minion eating day-lily flower buds, I figure I should clarify.  We did not make a standard baby purée out of day-lily flower buds and have an airplane spoon fly it into her mouth.  Instead, we just let her pick it up from a plate and feed herself.  She has been doing this ever since we started her on solid food at 6 months.  We didn’t start her because she was 6 months, we started her because she could sit up on her own, was interested in our food, and was putting everything in her mouth.

We started by placing baby carrots in front of her and letting her pick them up and chew on them.  Since then she has had many other foods.  Also since then she has figured out creative ways of eating those foods with only two teeth.  She shaves off slivers of raw carrots, she sucks the juice out of cantaloupe, she even demolishes corn on the cob though I’m not quite sure how.

We practice baby-led weaning.  This is weaning in the British sense of the word meaning ‘to start solid foods’, not the American sense, meaning ‘to stop breastfeeding’.  The basic idea is that the baby knows themselves better than you know them.  They know what they like and they know what they don’t like.  They know when they want to eat and they know when they are finished.

The hope is that this will help instill self-confidence in children.  That it will help them regulate their own appetite when they get bigger and thus eat healthier.  And I add that I think it helps them develop their creativity based on how the minion eats her various foods.

It has worked great for us, it definitely fits into my lazy parenting philosophy.  Less work is easier for everyone!  It is messy (but what baby isn’t?) and takes patience as babies don’t always eat as fast as you might like.  But I think it’s worth a shot for anyone with a baby who is ready to eat.


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