Lemon Mint “Tea”

Lemon mint is a type of mint that smells very lemony when you tear a leaf in half.


It also makes a light and summer-y beverage.    My dad grows lemon mint and he decided to try this today.  Take a couple handfuls of leaves and haphazardly crush/tear them up in your hands.  You probably would get a stronger flavor if you ground them up more in a mortar and pestle.  Take the leaves and stems and cover them with just enough water so they are mostly covered and put it to a boil.  Keep the water boiling for about 10 minutes and then strain out the liquid.  Add sweetener of choice to taste.  We used agave nectar, but you could also try sugar, honey, maple syrup, maybe even molasses.


Pour over ice and enjoy.  It was good, we think the very slight lemony flavor needs something to compliment it.  Maybe a bit of orange zest or something.  We don’t know but suspect other mint that doesn’t have the lemon flavor might not need that.

You could also try making this as sun tea, where you place the leaves and water in a clear container (preferably glass) and leave it in direct sunlight all day.  By dinnertime, you have a yummy drink.


It would be interesting to try various mixtures of herbs such as peppermint and basil.  Or maybe cilantro.  What ideas do you have?


5 thoughts on “Lemon Mint “Tea”

  1. I grew up drinking huge volumes of herbal tea made by blending this herb (which we used to call lemon mint, but which I’ve come to call lemon balm) with spearmint and sometimes other mints, especially apple mint or wooly mint. There’s a more nuanced variant of this blend that we designed later, which also includes a small amount of orange mint and wild bergamot (Monarda).

    To make them I usually throw the fresh leaves and stems in a pot which I heat to boiling but then lower the heat and let simmer for 10-15 minutes, sometimes more…and then I chill it.

    I really recommend trying spearmint or apple/wooly mint as an herb to blend. That’s my favorite combination. I like that much more than peppermint; although peppermint is really refreshing and works so well iced, I find it tends to dominate and it doesn’t blend as well with the gentle lemoniness of this herb.

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