A Quick List of Things to Make from Scrap Fabric

  • stuffing for toys
  • patchwork dolls (post TO COME)
  • rice bags for applying heat to injuries
  • reusable baby wipes (we just use squares of old t-shirts and wash them with our cloth diapers)
  • reusable ‘paper’ towels
  • bookmarks
  • rainbow garland
  • fabric flowers (can be used as hair barrettes, pins, to decorate bags, ect)
  • covered buttons
  • reusable sandwich bags
  • plush baby blocks
  • quilted coasters
  • draft snake
  • aromatherapy sachets (sew a small bag and fill with herbs)
  • gift tags
  • braided rag rug
  • rag hair curlers (take strips of fabric and wrap hair around them towards your scalp.  When you have wrapped a length of hair, just tie the strip, spritz your hair with water and leave overnight)
  • reusable produce bags
  • of course, the original way to use scraps, a quilt

Any other ideas?


What do you think?

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