Peppermint “Tea”

We tried a very haphazard version of mint tea using lemon mint a few days ago.  This time I used peppermint and actually dried it before brewing.


I took the peppermint leaves and dried them in my dehydrator.  You could air dry them too, it would just take longer and I already had the dehydrator running. If you do air dry them you can hang them upside down in a paper bag.  Make sure they have enough room around them for air to circulate and leave them for a few days.  The time they take to dry will depend on your weather.  The paper bag is to keep dust off of them.


After I dried the leaves I ground them in my mortar and pestle and put about a tablespoon of the ground up leaves in a reusable tea ball.  Then I put that in a pitcher of hot water and let it brew for a few minutes.  Then I put the pitcher in the fridge and had some cold later.  It was really good.  I was afraid it would not be minty enough and the hero was afraid it would be too minty, but it was perfect.  A very refreshing and healthy drink!  I suspect it would be good hot too.



One thought on “Peppermint “Tea”

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