Atlanta Food Swap

The minion and I attended our first food swap today.  We went to the Atlanta Food Swap which met at The Goat Farm Arts Center which is a pretty cool place itself.  We brought some peppermint teabags, jalapeño poppers, and some tomatoes and peppers from the garden.  We traded for a couple of jars of salsa (complete with tips and recipes to use it) and some yummy raw raspberry bars.


The swap took place in front of the coffeehouse at the Goat Farm Arts Center.  They had two giant wooden tables with benches on either side that we set up on.  There were only four people/families that brought items and it would’ve been better with more people.  Better, at least trading wise, but we did have a lot of fun talking to everyone, there was even a 5 month old for the minion to “talk” to!  This is only the second swap that has happened in Atlanta so I hope that more people come next time.  There are also swaps all around the country and a few in other countries.  Check one out near you, or start your own if there isn’t one.  A super awesome idea to help build a food community.


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