Fresh Picked Produce in a Sandwich Wrap

So we had a huge jar of sprouts and needed something to do with them.  So I decided to make some sandwich wraps.  We used a bunch of produce from the garden as well as those bean sprouts.  These are great for a hot summer afternoon, especially for an outdoor picnic.  We made 2 wraps so I’ll include our measurements, but feel free to adjust accordingly.

Sandwich Wraps Recipe

1 small bell pepper

1 tomato

handful of parsley

handful of bean sprouts

2 whole wheat tortillas

cream cheese


Chop the pepper and tomato into small chunks and cut the parsley up.  Scissors is probably your best bet with the parsley.  Spread the cream cheese over the tortillas covering the whole thing.  Sprinkle the chopped veggies, sprouts, and parsley over top.


Roll, slice, and enjoy.


They were really good.  You could use any fresh produce you have on hand.  I think cucumbers, peas, other peppers, and even green tomatoes would also work well.


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