Locks of Love From a Hippie With a Pixie

The minion is getting grabby.  One of her favorite things to grab on is my hair.  She grabs on, entangling her little fingers in the hair and PULLS.  Not pleasant.  I found a solution.  Get rid of it.  The hair, not the minion!

I just got my hair cut from mid back length to a short pixie cut.  Here’s the picture of Ginnifer Goodwin I used as a reference:

6th Annual GLSEN Respect Awards - Arrivals

It was a drastic change.  So far I like it, I also hope it will be much easier to take care of than long hair.  I told the stylist that I was planning on donating my hair to Locks of Love and they cut my hair for free!  Apparently a lot of salons do this, so check that out if you’re planning a big hair cut.  I got a free haircut and Locks of Love got 14 inches of hair!  Win win.


3 thoughts on “Locks of Love From a Hippie With a Pixie

  1. Awesome! I’m in the process of letting my hair naturally dread, so I have to leave it down a lot! And a lot of hair pulling happens also.. But I figure the dreads are worth the little pulling now :)

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