Atlanta Food Swap Success

The three of us (the pavlovinator did not accompany us) went to our second Atlanta Food Swap.  There were about 20 people there!  Success!  I was a little worried after the last one where only three other people showed up, but the food swap was featured on the website Scout Mob and that really helped publicize it.  We brought a bunch of produce; tomatoes, banana peppers, one bell pepper, cayenne peppers, and figs.  The figs were super popular.  We traded all these things for mulberry preserves, apple pear butter, whole wheat shortbread, fresh basil, foraged chanterelle mushrooms, and granola.  YUM!


I’m really glad this whole thing is taking off, I was a little worried and the idea is so great, I really wanted it to happen.  I’m already thinking about what I can bring to the next one!


2 thoughts on “Atlanta Food Swap Success

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