Hereditary Furniture

I read a list of things every woman should do before they’re 30 years old.  One of them was to own a nice piece of furniture that no one else in your family owned first.  This got me thinking about our furniture.  We’ve got a dining room table from the hero’s sister, two arm chairs from my aunt, a table from my grandparents, a glider from the hero’s grandmother, a flat file from my uncle, patio furniture from the hero’s dad, a side table from my mom, a dresser from the hero’s brother, another arm chair from my parents, a book case from the hero’s grandfather, and a futon from my parents.

We do have a china cabinet from a family friend, technically that counts right?

I actually kind of like having a mishmash of things from our families.  It makes me feel like they are here supporting us even when they’re not.  I like having the side table that my mom had in her room when she was a kid.  And the bookcase that the hero’s grandfather built for his house.  I like the history.  I feel like it’s similar to having family photos displayed (which we have too).  I like the connection to our family.

Do you have any furniture that you treasure from your family?


What do you think?

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