Canning Class: Now I Know What I Did Wrong

I went to a canning and food preserving class that our extension service offered and I learned we did a lot of things wrong when canning our first few things.  First, I learned you shouldn’t use random blogs as directions of how to can.  So ignore most of this linked post.  You should be careful where you get your recipes.  Ball jars have a pretty extensive site as well as many extension services.  You don’t get to be creative with these recipes.  I think it’s easier to can individual ingredients such as raw tomatoes and then make pasta sauce with that jar after I open it and add anything I want.  I also learned that we are at an elevation of 1026 feet above sea level at my house.  And most canning recipes call for more processing time at elevations  above 1000 feet.  So um…yea, take a class.  or go to your extension service and get info (mine had lots of pamphlets).  Or learn from someone who took a class in the past couple of years (recommendations are constantly updated).  Sorry, Granny doesn’t always know best.

BTW, why is it called canning when you’re putting food into jars?


2 thoughts on “Canning Class: Now I Know What I Did Wrong

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