Fresh Bread Has a Very Unique Texture

My mom recently bought a bread machine ($9 in the box with instruction manual at Goodwill!) and has been making some yummy bread.  She made some pretty dense whole wheat bread that we let the minion have some of.  She had never eaten bread before so it was a very new texture but she loved it.  She ate a whole big slice of it and kept picking it up over any of her other food.  The next type my mom tried was a honey oat bread that was delicious.  It was much lighter than the whole wheat (it had more bread flour than whole wheat flour) but the minion didn’t get to try any of it since it had honey in it.


I am surprised at how much I now want a bread machine!  I didn’t used to want one because I like kneading bread dough.  But it’s fun to knead if you make one or two loaves of bread a year, if we start transitioning to making our own bread more often (to avoid the bad ingredients in store-bought bread and have better tasting bread), I don’t have time for that much kneading.  But with the machine, you just put all the ingredients in and turn it on.  It takes a few hours but it does everything else, kneads and let’s the dough rise at just the right times and then it even bakes it.  Now I just have to add one more thing to the ever-growing list of things I look for at thrift stores.

Next, she wants to try making some bread with nuts and seeds in it.  I’m game to try it!


2 thoughts on “Fresh Bread Has a Very Unique Texture

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