August Food Swap Atlanta


Another successful food swap today!  I brought five loaves of bread (made with my mom’s new bread machine) and an assortment of peppers including two ghost peppers.  We got there a little late and because of the heat, swapping had already started.  I still scored a bunch of yumminess.  Some almond milk, some almond butter, two jars of relish, a bundle of herbs, candied watermelon rind, milk kefir grains, raspberry white chocolate scones, and rhubarb bitters.


Wow!  The hero and I have already finished the scones and I’m really excited about trying the bitters and making kefir.  And of course, eating everything else.  So yea, food swaps are awesome!


2 thoughts on “August Food Swap Atlanta

  1. Ran across your blog while looking up stuff about the food swap. So great seeing you and your little one today. Btw, really awesome blog you’ve got!

    Karen (& Luna)

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