Rosemary From a Clipping

I got a cutting from an existing rosemary plant and put it in a cup of water on our front porch.  It took about a month but it did finally sprout roots.  I took the sprout to the backyard.  I was planning on putting it next to the peppermint and cilantro to start creating a herb area.  Of course, that space was already taken by grass.  My old nemesis.  I had some cardboard that I have been using to prepare space for my winter garden and I figured out a way to use it to help me plant my rosemary.  I pulled the grass and weeds right around a small hole that I put the rosemary in.  Then, I planted the rosemary, you know, like you do and put the cardboard over it with the rosemary leaves peeking through a slit.  Like so:


I had to weigh the cardboard down with rocks to keep it in place against wind and also to compact the grass underneath so it was low enough for the rosemary.  Hopefully it will take and soon I’ll have a front of rosemary to battle my front of mint.  Oh expansive plants…


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