The Big Latch On 2013

Breastfeeding the minion has been an amazing experience for me.  And I guess for her, since she does like it!  We have found a great community of other breastfeeding moms and this past weekend I got together with 14,536 of my closest friends and we all breastfed at the same time all over the world.

We participated in The Big Latch On.  We attended the gathering in Athens, Georgia and at precisely 10:30 AM the minion latched on and nursed for a minute.  It was hard keeping her on, she was too interested in all the other babies.  Potential friends!

There was one mom there who had an older daughter with her also, probably about 5 years old, and she was using the opportunity to teach her about breastfeeding.  That was pretty awesome to see.  We also got a cute little breastfeeding coloring book that will be great for the minion when she’s a little older.

It is very cool to have been a part of this.  We made it change from 14,535 to 14,536!  If the minion is still nursing next year, we will totally go again!


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