Multi-Bean Soup Update

We made up some of the multi-bean soup for dinner and I’ve got some adjustments to make.  First, it needs more seasoning, it’s really good with sriracha sauce on it.  Also you can cook it in the slow cooker on high for 4 hours.


I’m really surprised with how much I like re-hydrated carrots.  They look gnarly, but they taste just like regular cooked carrots and have the same texture too.  I think if I made these mixes again, I would do a whole layer of dehydrated carrots.

I’m pretty sure the split peas completely disintegrated since you don’t normally cook them for so long.  This might also happen with the lentils, but this mix didn’t have any in it.  I hope there’s still enough nutrients in the bit of liquid that got poured over the rice.  Maybe next time, I’ll stick with more substantial beans.

The garbanzo beans on the other hand, could’ve cooked a little longer.  They were certainly edible but still a little hard.

All in all, pretty much successful, with the small addition of hot sauce.


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