Last Weekend’s Yard Sale Complete With Tips

The minion and I have been battling a serious cold this week so forgive my late post about last weekend.

Anyways, last weekend we had a yard sale.  We ended up making over $200!  I was amazed.  Both that we did so well and that we had so much stuff we didn’t need.


Yard sales are surprisingly eco-friendly.  There’s a lot of energy and materials that go into making new goods.  If you can share the use of an item with one or more people, that’s one less new item that has to be made.  Plus it’s budget-friendly!

I know a lot of my tips seem basic and obvious, but no matter how much I knew that we needed signs, I still didn’t have signs the night before.

A few tips:

  • Be prepared before, have signs, change, and of course your merchandise ready
  • List your yard sale online, look for local websites as well as Craigslist
  • Price things in 25¢ increments, then you only have to deal with bills and quarters
  • Have good signs, bright with clear letters, just use the words ‘yard sale’ and arrows
  • To elaborate, don’t put hours on your signs, what if you want to close early?
  • Keep your money on your person, I have a little waiter’s apron that works great
  • Have an area of shade with chairs for you
  • You probably should still wear sunscreen or at least coconut oil

I had a friend join us for the sale and she has these great store-bought reusable signs.  I might invest in some of those myself.  Poster board is expensive and on-time use only.

Anyone have any additional tips or stories of yard sale success?


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