Avoid Pantry Moths with your Freezer

If you’ve ever had pantry moths you know how horrible they are.  They infest everything in your pantry and you have to throw out a ridiculous amount of food.  We had them once and I really don’t want to get them again.

Recently I found some organic blue cornmeal at a discount grocery store.  It was only a dollar a bag.  I excitedly got two bags and when I got home, I put them both in the freezer.  Any grains or dry pantry good you plan on putting in your pantry should spend a cool two weeks in your freezer before joining your other food.  You should also store things like that in hard plastic, glass, or metal.  Bugs can eat through cardboard and plastic bags.  We have some of those plastic shoe boxes as well as a variety of re-purposed glass jars to store our food in.

Now I have to make some blue cornbread!



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