Natural Remedies for Ear Infection

The minion and I had a head cold a while ago and I ended up with an ear infection.  I am very thankful that the minion didn’t get one, but it was still no fun having one myself.  I knew I didn’t want to take antibiotics for multiple reasons so I decided to treat it at home.

My first line of offense was taking raw garlic.  At least a clove a day.  Some people cut the clove up and take it like a pill, but I like to make (ok, have the hero make for me, come on, I was sick!) smoothies with the garlic blended into it.

My next step was to put 6 drop of breastmilk in my ear every 4 hours.  If you don’t have access to breastmilk, you can use olive oil.

The last thing I did was use a heated rice bag for pain relief.

The infection cleared up in just a few days with the amazing power of natural antibiotics.  Garlic as an internal antibiotic and the breastmilk as a topical antibiotic.

While I encourage you to try to use alternatives for modern pharmaceuticals, don’t be an idiot and see your doctor and get medicine if you really need it.  When trying to treat yourself with natural treatments, you have to pay attention to you body and know when and if you need to see a doctor.


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