Update On My New Loom

You may remember the loom I got at the Ladies’ Homestead Gathering of Statham meeting.  I asked my mom to help me get it working and she referred me to a weaving friend of hers.  She helped me get it working and taught me that it is a mix between a table loom and an inkle loom.  She showed me how to thread a string heddle and showed me her collection of various patterned weavings.  She also let me try her spinning wheel and now I want one!

I started with a really simple thin strip just to get the feel of the loom and understand how it works.  Since we (yea really she threaded it, but I watched!) threaded it with alternating colors of yarn, I got lots of little stripes.

DSCN9477 DSCN9480

I’m excited about starting my next project, I just have to decide what I want to make.  Any suggestions?


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