Charitable Gift Ideas

In honor of all these great gift giving holidays, I thought I’d make a list of great charitable gifts you can give to that person who has everything.  Or at least someone who realizes that other people in the world don’t have much of anything.


Heifer International has almost every farm animal you can think of as well as shares starting at only $10.  There’s also a children’s book about an African girl who gets a goat from America.

I once gave my niece 4 spayed and neutered cats as a gift.  Not the actual cats, but I made a donation in her name to The Animal Rescue Site.

The gift that keeps on giving, a Kiva microloan that can be reloaned as soon as it’s paid back.  I’ve been reloaning the same $50 for about 6 years now.  Essentially I’ve lent $475 to a variety of people all over the world.  Also, if you use my link, we’ll each get to make a free $25 loan.

Oxfam International is the gold standard of this type of gift.  They have a wide variety of types of gifts from carpentry tools to midwife training.  Even manure as fertilizer!

This last one doesn’t have specific ‘gifts’ to give but I’d like to include a donation to the MPS Society as a worthy gift to give.  My younger brother has this degenerative genetic condition and instead of favors at our wedding, the hero and I made a donation to the MPS Society.

Finally, consider donating to any charity that means a lot to you or the person you’re giving the gift to.  Bonus points if you make a card that’s clearer than the one I gave my niece.  She first thought I was just trying to depress her.


What do you think?

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