Vote over at Eat, Play, Love for Chopped Challenge 2014

I love the blog Eat, Play, Love and all the great food adventures the family gets into.  I was recently asked to provide food ideas for a dessert basket for their annual Chopped Challenge.  Check it out here and don’t forget to vote for my dessert basket of hot peppers, dark chocolate, pepitas, and eggs.


Versatile Blogger Awards or Cool Blogs for You to Check Out

I have been honored with a nomination to the Versatile Blogger Awards by Top of the Tent.  First, I would like to thank her.

Second, I’d like to explain what this award is.  Basically, once you get nominated, you then send on the nomination to 15 other great blogs.  Just spreading the blog love around.  You are also supposed to give a list of 7 things about yourself.  But I’m going to make you wait until after the nominees (don’t get too lost in the links!).

So third, on to my nominees: (in no particular order)

Finally fourth, 7 things about myself…(again in no particular order)

1. I have flown an airplane (not take off or landing, but flown it once it was in the air)

2. I can juggle fire (poi specifically)

3. I used to work as a costumer at a theatre

4. I absolutely cannot keep houseplants alive at all

5. I hate emoticons

6. Whales terrify me

7. I do believe in fairies *clap clap*

Thanks again Top of the Tent!