So this is my first post.  I guess I’ll talk about the reasons why I’m starting this blog.  Most people start blogs because they want to get their writing published, share ideas, or make money.  I’m writing this blog for myself.  Specifically to motivate myself to be better.  I want to be better at living a healthy and increasingly self-sufficient life.   My goals for myself and my family are to produce more of our food at home, both by gardening and cooking from scratch.  I also want to make more of our personal care products to avoid unnecessary chemicals.  I want us to be healthier in a myriad of ways but also to be kinder to the earth.  Producing less waste and using less unnecessary resources are also important to me.

I’m hoping by having a blog waiting for me to write about doing things, I will do more.

So that’s my basic plan for now, we’ll see how it evolves.

I can also introduce myself.  I am a stay at home mom and freelance artist in Georgia.  I have a wonderful husband, here referred to as ‘the hero’, a baby daughter, here referred to as ‘the minion’, and a kitty, here referred to as ‘the pavlovinator’.  I want to keep our privacy as far as the internet goes, so I won’t be using real names or posting photos with people in them.  Which might make for some creative photos!

That’s all I’ll reveal for now of my plot to take over the world…I mean write a blog.