A Quick List of Things We Use Baking Soda For

  • an abrasive while scrubbing things clean
  • odor absorber in the refrigerator and freezer
  • odor absorber for urine on the carpet (sprinkle some on the stain, let sit for an hour, and vacuum up)
  • drain unclogger (pour some down the drain and then follow with vinegar, cover with a wet wash cloth and let sit for about an hour, rinse with water)
  • brushing our teeth (the baking soda sticks to a wet toothbrush)
  • teaspoon in the water of cut flowers to keep them fresh longer
  • make a paste by mixing with water and apply to acne to dry it out overnight
  • odor absorber in the pavlovinator’s litter box
  • teaspoon in the water when boiling eggs to make the shell easier to remove (or bake them!)