Would You Feed Your Pet Nothing But Potato Chips?

The other day the pavlovinator left us a little gift.  No, not in her litter box, and not that kind of gift.  She left us a cute little heart shape in the little bit of food she had left in her bowl.DSCN7914

This got me thinking that I should do a post about the type of cat food we feed her.  Most commercial cat foods are junk.  Just like potato chips.  In fact, pretty much any cat food you can buy at the grocery store is full of grain, chemicals, and fillers.  Not meat and vegetables like cats naturally eat.

We do use the brand Blue Buffalo to feed our cat, but other than that I have no affiliation with the company.  That being said, they do have a great article about reading pet food labels (cat and dog).

Among the main points are to look at the ingredient list of any pet food you are considering feeding to your fur baby.  If you see chicken by-product meal, poultry by-product meal, corn, or any chemicals then you should put the bag back and find something better.  Something better should include real meat, whole grains, and vegetables and fruits.

I haven’t done much research into feeding pets a raw diet because frankly, we can barely afford to buy organic meat for us to eat occasionally, much less feed a cat daily.  Also, I don’t really have the time or desire to prepare cat food ever day.  But it is another healthy option for the fur babies.

Basically, no matter what you decide to do, at least do your research.  If you love your pets like family, then treat their food with the same respect you treat the rest of your family’s food.  Read labels, research ingredients, learn industry lingo.

What do you feed your pets?