How to Wash Diapers of the Cloth Variety

We separate the dirty diapers from the wet diapers.


The wet diapers and diaper covers go in a cloth laundry bag that I made from the bottom of an old t-shirt.  The bag is held up by two clothespins so that it doesn’t fall into the plastic trash can that it is in.  Then we have the ‘baby bathtub’ that they gave us at the hospital when the minion was born that we put the dirty diapers in.


We have a diaper sprayer (basically a high-powered kitchen sink sprayer that attaches to our toilet) and we spray the poo off the dirty diapers daily and just throw the whole bag of wet diapers into the washing machine as is.  We also use cloth wipes and they go in with the wet diapers.  We wash them on a sanitize setting on our washing machine using unscented castile soap at full strength if there are no diaper covers and Dapple laundry detergent if we are washing diaper covers.  The castile soap will build up on the diaper covers and make them less waterproof.

Every so often (about every 6 months so far) we have to strip the detergent from the diaper covers.  If we used castile soap we would have to do it more often.  To do this, we wash the diaper covers on high heat in the washing machine with no soap or detergent.  We do this for 2 cycles and then air dry the diaper covers.

So far this method has worked great.  We also do part-time elimination communication.  Basically we offer the toilet to the minion at each diaper change and when she wakes up from a nap.

Do you have any tricks for dealing with dirty cloth diapers?


Diapers of the Cloth Variety

Cloth diapers.  That phrase may conjure up horror and disgust, but it shouldn’t.  Cloth diapers can be clean, easy, and super cute!

The minion was born a month earlier than we had expected her so we hadn’t packed the hospital bag when I went into labor.  Subsequently, we forgot to bring some of the cloth diapers we had asked for at the baby shower to use on the minion.  At the hospital we were given a package of disposable diapers and told that a lot of parents used disposables until the baby passed all the meconium (sticky black poop newborns have for the first few days).  We didn’t have much of a choice at that point so we used them until she passed the meconium.  Ever since then, we’ve used cloth diapers exclusively.

Someone new to cloth diapers may be a bit overwhelmed at all the options but I won’t go into them here because there are numerous places on the internet that explain what they all are.  I’m just going to tell you my opinion about them.

Pocket diapers or all-in-ones might be a good transition to someone who is hesitant because a diaper change is just like a disposable diaper change.  We had one and decided we didn’t like it because you can’t just replace the insert if it gets a little wet.  You have to replace the whole diaper.

That is why we like simple covers.  Our favorite brand is flip.  We use a mix of prefolds and flat inserts but we like not having to change the cover every time.  This means we can get away with only having about 6 covers total. We had one wool cover and while I really like the idea of the natural fibers instead of the plastic covers, it was too hard to pull on over the diaper (and the minion’s kicking legs).

I am also a fan of one size diapers because I don’t see the point in buying something the minion is just going to grow out of if I don’t have to. When the minion was a newborn the covers were a little comically large, but she was a little small when she was born and they still worked.  Here’s a photo of the largest and smallest sizes the same diaper can be.  Also look at the cute colors!


I’ve never tried hook and loop closures, but I don’t want to have to worry about them getting stuff stuck to them in the wash or loosing their effectiveness, or even the minion being able to pull it off.  So all of our diaper covers have snaps.

So we’re saving money, the environment, and the minion’s skin by using cloth diapers.