Vote over at Eat, Play, Love for Chopped Challenge 2014

I love the blog Eat, Play, Love and all the great food adventures the family gets into.  I was recently asked to provide food ideas for a dessert basket for their annual Chopped Challenge.  Check it out here and don’t forget to vote for my dessert basket of hot peppers, dark chocolate, pepitas, and eggs.


Brinner Stuffed Potatoes

So I really like brinner.  Ok, I love brinner.  That’s breakfast for dinner for those of you who haven’t discovered this amazingness yet.

Most people do something like eggs, bacon and pancakes for brinner.  And, of course,  grits here in the south.  and these are great, but what about stuffed potatoes?

Brinner Stuffed Potatoes

2 Irish potatoes (each half of a potato equals one serving, so adjust accordingly)

3 eggs

2 slices bacon

chopped up veggies or whatever you like in omelets (we did green bell pepper)

shredded cheese

Scramble your eggs with whatever veggies you’re adding.  Cook your bacon to crispy goodness.  Microwave each potato about 5 minutes and don’t forget to poke holes in your potatoes before microwaving.  Carefully (the potatoes are hot) cut them in half.  I suggest doing them length ways even though we did them the other way.  Scoop out the inner potato leaving a thin layer around the skin.  Then fill the potato with the scrambled eggs and veggies.  Top with half a strip of bacon and shredded cheese and bake at 350° for about 5 minutes.  Basically you just want to heat everything up and melt the cheese.  Enjoy!


Chickens Come Before Eggs

My dad has been trying to keep chickens.  He has a chicken tractor that they stay in at night, but they are let out during the day.


Last year he had 6 and this year he got 4 more.  They were all gotten by either a fox, stray cat, or car.  The hero knew he was wanting to get more and while on his way to work he saw a yard sale that was selling chickens.  So my dad bought 2 hens for $5 each and got two eggs the day he bought them.  They are a bit more ‘gamey’ breed than he has had before so he hopes that they will be better at defending themselves.


It’s been about a week since he got them and so far they have been doing great and at least one of them lays an egg each day.  He hasn’t let them out during the day yet so they haven’t had to survive in the wild yet.  Hopefully   they will do fine.  Especially because we get their extra eggs!