Seasonal Produce: Series Introduction

Eating in season produce is a good idea whether it be from your own backyard, a farmer’s market or the grocery store.  If you’re growing it, seasonal certainly makes sense, it’s much easier.  If you’re buying it, seasonal produce is cheaper.  You know, because it’s easier for the actual farmers to grow it and it doesn’t have to be trucked in from quite so far away.


I saw this great sign in the produce section of a local grocery store, but I know not every grocery store or market has something like this.  Therefore, I’m starting a series where I’ll list what’s in season for each month.  It’ll be slow-moving, after all it’ll take a year, but eventually, we’ll have a list for each month.  Keep in mind though that my list will be for Georgia, USA.  Depending on where you live, your seasonal produce might differ from mine.  Look for my November’s list coming soon!

Everybody knows that fresh produce is the healthiest form of produce for you.  I don’t mean potatoes over french fries, but fresh versus frozen of canned.  But at your typical grocery store, everybody might actually be wrong.  Lots of produce, especially out of season produce, is picked too early so that it will look ripe when it finally gets to the store from the far away farm.

Canned food has added salt and sometimes oils and fats.  But frozen food, straight frozen produce, not prepared meals, are actually healthier than out of season produce.  Frozen produce is frozen sometimes as soon as a few hours after being picked at the peak of freshness.

Just something to keep in mind when you have a craving for broccoli in the middle of summer.