Zone 8: My Goldilocks Zone

I sometimes wish I lived somewhere where I could grow a sugar maple and tap it for maple syrup.  While they will grow here, it never gets cold enough for the sap to make enough sugar or something.  So no homegrown maple syrup for me.  I also can’t easily grow sweet cherries here.  It’s too hot here.

Other times I wish I lived somewhere that I could grow citrus.  Lemons, oranges, grapefruit, limes, I love citrus.  But I’ll never have any from my yard.  It’s too cold here.

Still other times I am glad we can grow tomatoes, peppers, almonds, muscadines, sweet potatoes, and watermelons.  it’s Just right here.

There are a lot of plants that do grow and produce well here in lovely zone 8 therefore, I try to focus on them.  If I could get maple syrup and cherries, I wouldn’t be able to grow almonds and okra.  Similarly, if I could grow citrus, I wouldn’t be able to grow other yummy things.  There will always be something that you wish you could grow but can’t based on where you live.  But there will also always be something you can grow.

What are some things you wish you could grow but can’t?