Giant Grape Tomatos

Grape tomatoes are bigger than I though they would be.  Not the actual tomato, but the plant.  I am growing a Juliet Roma Grape Tomato plant in my garden this year and it is trying to take over.  I didn’t know this but cherry and grape tomato plants get bigger than regular tomato plants.


There is a cage around it, you just can’t really see it because the plant is OVERGROWN!  I told my dad that I was pruning it a bit on one side where it was trying to take over a pepper plant and he told me that you are really ‘supposed’ to prune tomatoes and  that I can grow new plants from the branches that I prune off.  I’m not going to start to prune all my tomatoes, but I did replant one of the branches I pruned off the next time.  Then I decided on a whim to try to prune it ‘properly’  Just to see what happens.


I don’t have any idea if it will make a difference or even if I will be able to keep up with it.  Or hey, even if the branch will re-root, but it’s worth a shot.