Healthy Hot Pepper Poppers

Jalapeno poppers are ubiquitous on appetizer menus.  And you should always stay away from appetizer menus.  They are full of overly processed and fried food.  But they taste do good!  I love jalapeño poppers but wanted a healthier version.  So I decided to make one.  The hero doesn’t like jalapeños but he does like other hot peppers so I made some with a variety of peppers.  They weren’t well labeled at the grocery store so I don’t know what they all are.  I know the first photo is jalapeños but other than that I don’t recognize the peppers.  If anyone knows what they are called, please comment!

DSCN7994 DSCN7996 DSCN8001

Healthier Hot Pepper Poppers

ricotta cheese

refrigerated bread dough (I tried both biscuit and crescent and they were good but ideally, I would make it from scratch)

hot peppers


Tear off the stems from the hot peppers like so;


Then cut the peppers in half lengthways.  The one really big one I cut in half both ways and made four out of it.  Then you stuff the cavity with ricotta cheese, you may have to break the membrane a little but don’t remove the seeds unless you want to remove the heat.  Then wrap the bread dough around the entire pepper and bake according to the bread dough instructions.  I ended up having to bake it a little longer, so just keep checking until the dough is thoroughly cooked and golden brown.


They were really good.  The ricotta cheese could’ve used a bit more flavor, we thought basil might be good.  We also tried a few with cream cheese mixed with the ricotta, but it didn’t taste any better and it was much harder to work with.

Keep in mind it they get too hot for you, milk makes it less spicy, water makes it more spicy.  And be sure to wash your hands thoroughly after working with hot peppers.  Definitely before changing any diapers!


Eeek a Ghost! Pepper…

The hero has been wanting to grow ghost pepper, also known as naga bhut jolokia peppers, for a long time.  We both love spicy food and ghost peppers are supposed to be the spiciest peppers in the world according to the scoville scale which measures spiciness.  We looked for them online and only found kind of sketchy websites that sold them.  We had made a contact with a local farmer for next year, but we wanted some asap.

So today we went to Randy’s Nursery in Lawrenceville.  They specialize in exotic plants and water gardens.  We had mainly just wanted to look around and see what we could see, but we also decided to ask about ghost pepper plants.  They not only had them, they had a whole shelf of them.  They also had a great selection of other hot peppers.  We now have a go to place for hot pepper plants.

Anyways, we bought a ghost pepper plant and planted it in the yard.  We’ll see how it grows.