Accidental Sprouting of the Peas

I’ve been having some adventures in sprouting as well as enjoying sugar snap peas.  I didn’t mean to combine the two.  I had some of the last sugar snap peas of the season in a plastic bag in my fridge.  I took out a handful today to share with the minion and noticed a few of them had sprouted!  I don’t recommend actively trying to sprout peas this way but I thought it was interesting that it happened.  Science!



The Sprouts Have Sprouted

I have been trying to sprout some mung bean sprouts in my windowsill recently.  They went from looking like this:


To looking like this:


In just 3 days!  This is a great project to do with kids also since it doesn’t require much attention span.

First you take 1/4 cup of whatever you’re sprouting (beans, alfalfa, lentils, ect.) and put in a bowl with 1/4 cup white vinegar and 1 cup water.  Let this sit while you take a large canning jar, lid ring, and a square of cheese cloth and boil them to sterilize.  Let them boil for about 10 minutes.  Take them out carefully, they will be hot.  Then drain your sprouting medium and put it into the jar and fill with water.  Cover the jar opening with the cheesecloth and screw the ring on.  Let this sit overnight.

Next morning, drain the liquid out through the cheesecloth at the opening of the jar.  Now you will have to fill the jar and swish the water around 3-4 times per day.  Be sure you fully drain it after each swirl.  That’s why our jar is propped in a bowl in the photos.

After about 3 days they will be ready to eat.  If you want to remove the seed coats, empty the jar into a pan of water and the seed coats will surface.  We didn’t do this and just ate the seed coats too.  These will store in the fridge for a week and you can freshen them right before eating by rinsing them in cold water and draining.

Multiplying Tomatoes…Again

Is that using exponents?  Anyways, I posted before about trying to get new tomato plants out of some branches I had pruned from my existing plants.  I thought the one I just stuck into the ground wouldn’t take, but it seems that it did.


I had also started a branch in a jar of water waiting for it to sprout roots before planting it, and after about a week, it has sprouted roots.


So I planted it in the ground and gave it a good watering.  Here it is:


Hopefully all these transplants will keep us in fresh tomatoes for a while!