Water Audit: Do You Have Leaks?

Today when we left the house we checked the water meter.  It read 0972020.  Then when we got back we checked it again.  It still read 0972020.  That means we don’t have any leaks.  Basically we tracked our water usage when we weren’t using any water.  If the number had changed, it would’ve meant that something in our house was leaking water when we thought everything was turned off.

Doing this periodically in your own house can save you money and help save the planet at the same time.  And we certainly don’t want to waste water or money!  When you do this, be sure not to forget your ice maker if you have one, the hero remembered ours at the last minute.

You can also check just your toilet by putting dye such as food coloring in the tank.  Don’t use or flush it and if the water in the bowl gets colored, then the tank is leaking.

Don’t forget to install low-flow faucets and when you brush your teeth, never let the water run.  Thanks Barney song!  You can also turn your toilet into a low-flow model by filling a plastic bottle with water and rocks and putting it in the tank.  This displaces some water in the tank so that with each flush there is less water that needs to be replaced.

We plan on doing a similar thing with electricity to see what our vampire electronics are costing us.

What other water saving tips do you have?